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We Perform Weddings
What you must bring to the Ceremony
 Obtain a Marriage License at the County Recorders office. Here is a link to Santa Clara County Recorder.Bring your license within 90 days of issuance and your government issued I.D's to the Ceremony.. You need to have two witnesses, being over the age of 18 years, and who have government issued I.D.'s.If  you cannot provide the witness, we can provide one at a cost of $10,00

Other Services Provided

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                   Your Choice of the Type of Ceremony

We can officate with simple Wedding  Ceremony with tradiotional  Wedding Vows. If you wish to provide your Wedding vows, we will include them in the Ceremony. In order to insure a smooth Ceremony please provide us with  the text of your preferences. You can emial, call us, or input them in the comment section of  Schedule Wedding button at the top navigation bar.


We are Ministers of the Universal Life Charch and Notary Publics,  and are authorized to perform marriages in California. I have been performing Marriages since 2000, at my office and at private venues. Formally, I was authorized to issue confidental marriage licenses in the County of Santa Clara, but do not at this tme perform confidential marriages.
 Free Complimentary Bride & Groom Wedding Photo

That's right. At the consumation of Wedding, if you wish, we will provide, at no cost, we will take 1 photo of the Bride & Groom. We have a small photo sudio in our office and are able  to handle couple photos. Let us know what you will be wearing, so we  can adjust out equipment. Contact us via email localboy11@gmail.com ,  or call us 408 781-6172, or go to our Schedule Wedding web page, at the top, and send us your comments.

We are located  at  671 Aldo Ave  Santa Clara CA  , just 2 blocks off Hwy 101.  Go to MAP and print out a copy. There will be a link giving directions. 

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